Global Service Jam Münchberg

Eine Gruppe von Mediendesign-Studierenden nahm am Global Service Jam teil.
Innerhalb von 48 Stunden erstellten sie den Prototypen »Presents«.
Das Projekt entstand im Rahmen der Global Service Jam

Das Projekt wurde initiiert und umgesetzt von den Mediendesign-Studierenden:
Isabel Weber, Alexander Gritzke, Sven Hofmann, Sarah Thielsen und Philipp Suess.

»A beautiful way to come in contact with new people and the opportunity to please them with a little gift.«

Do you like presents? And you like meeting people?

Presents is a platform which connects you with new people through a present.
At first you join the webpage, select a town, date and location where you want to meet somebody.

Our system chooses randomly a person for you, who has to confirm the meeting.

Grab your present and meet that person!

You will be recognized by the other person through the red ribbon on your present.

Now get to know each other.

After this, you can upload some pictures from the meeting and tell the community how great it was.

Now, it’s your turn to get a present!

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Thanks to:
Hof University of Applied Sciences (location) – and
Buchhandlung Meister (material) –
Bäckerei Pöhlmann (food)
Sparkasse Münchberg (material) –

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